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The Best Compact Camera for the Amateur Photographer

Finding the best compact camera can be maddening for the average person. What makes it even harder is that most information out there is of the technical sort, full of terminology and data that most people can’t make sense of. A helping hand pointing the way for the average, everyday photographer is much more helpful than any spec sheet I have found to date.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources that not only tell you who makes the best compact camera, but also why it’s the best. The best compact camera for amateur photographers is the Panasonic Lumix LX5 point and shoot model. Luckily, you don’t have to take my word for it, because there are literally thousands of customer reviews stating the same fact. We’ll get to some of those in a minute.

It’s important to point out the main features that make the Lumix LX5 the best compact camera for amateur photographers.


Let’s face it, all the bells and whistles in the world don’t matter if the best compact camera can’t take top quality photos. Five minutes with the Lumix LX5 model is all you need to produce brilliant, vivid, and dare I say, amazing photos regardless of the setting and scene.

The Leica 24mm equivalent wide-angle lens is one of the best lenses available for point and shoot cameras and the Lumix LX5 takes full advantage of its capabilities.


While the Lumix LX5 outperforms the competition in most categories, the best compact camera really shines in low-light and continuous shooting environments. You see, the 24mm wider-angle lens means the best compact camera can capture more light than competitors and has faster shutter speeds than virtually every other point and shoot camera on the market.

The Leica lens even adds another industry leading ability — True Macro. Most point and shoots have a minimum distance of 5mm for image capture, but the Lumix LX5 has a minimum macro range of 1 mm! That’s not a typo; it’s can actually capture perfectly clear images 5 times closer than the competition.


One of my biggest pet peeves about compact digital cameras is they’re so small and hard to handle that its kind of annoying to even use them. The Lumix LX3 was actually one of these cameras, so I was surprised to see how much better the ergonomic design of the LX5 felt in my hand.

The button layout is sensible and intuitive, also very important. No one wants to find out they accidentally changed the shutter speed or aperture setting while trying to capture a one-in-a-million moment. Another reason the Lumix LX5 is the best compact camera.


This is not nearly as important as the previous points, but HD video capture is a major plus in a point and shoot camera. Most of us carry these types of cameras to vacation spots and the ability to easily switch to 720p HD video mode to record a special event with family and friends is an awesome feature. Not only does the best compact camera offer amazing HD video recording, it also adds zoom and aperture adjustments during recording. Guess what?

It’s the only compact model that offers these functions together.


Onto the true litmus test. The proof is in the pudding after all. By a virtual landslide, customers are raving about their experience with the best compact camera –Lumix LX5. Here are just a few of them:

“This camera is really fantastic and a nice upgrade from the LX3. “

By Mic

“The ultimate serious photographer’s point & shoot.”


Photo guy

“This camera is the first compact I ever owned that produces superb images which I don’t find myself complaining about. The images actually look like the original scene.”


Carl (Maryland USA)

The Lumix LX5 deserves to be named the best compact camera because of the superb image capture, near perfect ergonomic design, and robust features packaged at one of the lowest prices in its category.

The World According to Designer Handbags 101

There’s a new kid on the block in the wonderful, wacky world of designer handbags. In case you haven’t heard, World According to Jess is taking the fashion accessories industry by storm. But don’t let the amateurish name fool you, this design house is taking no prisoners! In a relatively short period of time, this company has achieved immense respect and credibility in the industry. Jessica Alpert-Goldman, namesake and owner of World According to Jess, has firmly entrenched herself in an industry that is not always kind to outsiders.

The designs are bold, quirky, and cute…much like Jess herself. With an impressive catalogue of designs, and the support of her ever-growing legion of fans, 2006 may just be the year of Jess. Without a doubt, she is off to a smashing start. Her bags have already been photographed with famous fashionistas like Beyonce Knowles, Sarah Jessica-Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lindsey Lohan.

Just recently, Jess had her remarkable designs included in the celebrity grab-bag backstage at the Oscars. This is, by all means, no small feat. Every major company in every significant niche wants their product included in the Oscar gift bag. The mere act of having your product photographed with major Hollywood stars is a guarantee for overnight success but Jess is already well ahead of the game, in that regard.

Jess contributed 250 of her favorite purses to the Oscar cause, and she hasn’t looked back. In her own words, “I worked hard to let the world know that World According to Jess was the only bag designer included in the official Oscar gift bag.” For her efforts, she received countless press accolades and ended up with placements on some of the biggest television programs in America, including The Today Show.

World According to Jess has fun, funky handbags in countless shapes and sizes. Evening bags, cosmetic bags, wallets, diaper bags, travel bags…it appears that Jess has covered all of the bases. Some of my personal favorites include the smashing Arthack and the oh-so-hot Scandalous designs. If these designs are any indication of things to come, World According to Jess is going to be more like world domination. Ciao, Darlings!